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Traffic Campaign FAQ

This will help answer your questions about our traffic campaigns

Question: Where does the traffic come from?

Most sites on the Internet are associated with a domain name, like and for example. Domain names are not actually purchased. Rather, companies pay an annual fee to register a domain name. Usually, this fee is between $9 and $30, depending on various circumstances.

When a company no longer wants a domain name, they can simply abandon it by not paying the annual fee. After a name is abandoned, the company is given a grace period during which they can re-attain the name (usually 60-90 days). After the grace period, anybody can register the name.

We find and register high-traffic abandoned names using our proprietary in-house software. Once we own the name, we simply point it to our servers and from there we redirect the traffic to your site.

This results in high-quality clean traffic that is NOT initially generated using SPAM, adult sites or excessive popup windows. We sometimes use other methods to generate traffic as well, but abandoned domains generate the bulk of our traffic.

Question: My campaign has stopped! Or, It does not look like my campaign will be delivered it should be more complete by now!

Some users expect delivery to be steady throughout their campaign. For example, if they order 10,000 visitors to be delivered within 30 days, they expect 333 visitors to be delivered each day. They get concerned when delivery is slower than that.

Our system automatically throttles traffic to achieve the most efficient delivery possible.

Do not be concerned if delivery stops or is slow for several days, particularly at the beginning of your campaign. Rest assured that we will deliver your traffic within the period you specified when ordering we guarantee it. If you are specifically concerned with quick delivery, we can setup an expedited campaign for you for your future orders (additional fees apply for expedited campaigns).

Question: My counter does not indicate the same number of visitors as your system. Why?

Our system counts visitors automatically as they are directed to your site. It is possible for our count to differ from yours in a variety of circumstances. Some possibilities include:

  • Your website went down. As such, visitors were sent from our server, but did not load your site.

  • Network difficulties. There may have been a network outage preventing some users from loading your site.

  • Use of an image, java or javascript counter. Counters that rely on the user loading an image, loading an applet or running a script are inherently unreliable and will always undercount.

  • Use of a 3rd party counter. Counters served by other companies are notoriously unreliable. Not only must the user load your site, but they must also load the counter image from the remote server, introducing an additional layer of complexity. Such counters do provide useful information, but do not provide an accurate count.

  • Your website was overwhelmed. In some cases, a webserver will issue an error when a large number of users attempt to load your site in a short period of time. Some servers will issue the error with a surprisingly low number of users in some cases as few as 10-20 users over a few minutes will cause an error. This seems to be a particularly common problem on IIS servers when asp pages requiring an ODBC connection are served. In other cases, pages will load fine, but users arriving too quickly will cause an undercount due to poor coding of a counting script.

  • Bandwidth system or connection throttling by your ISP/Web Host. Most web hosting accounts are on shared servers. That means that one computer and one Internet connection are used to serve tens (or even hundreds) of websites. Some hosts even put 1,000 or more sites on a single server! In order to keep one website from overusing system resources, the webhost will implement an artificial upper limit on the amount of system resources, bandwidth or connections that a single account can use at any given time. In some cases, the bandwidth limit is as low as 64 kbps! If the number of users causes you to exceed any of these limits, visitors will not load your page.

  • Bandwidth Limits; nearly all hosts will limit the amount of bandwidth a site can use during a month. If you reach this limit, your account will be automatically suspended. It is obvious if this has occurred simply load your home page and check for a bandwidth limit reached message.

  • Other Errors; other server errors can cause a miscount. Check your error log for an unusual number of errors. Your raw server logs will provide more detailed and useful information on the problem. Please look at your server logs you will probably find that our count is accurate. If not, please forward your raw server logs for the period in question (please forward the access, referrer and error logs). We will go through the logs and attempt to determine why our count differs from yours.

Question: What is a visit? Is that the same as a hit?

Visit - these are QUALITY visitors that many services cannot offer (or, they trick you into thinking that they are sending high quality visitors). Many services send visitors who never even see your page! They use various tricks to send the traffic so that it looks like someone saw your site. The visitors we send ACTUALLY see your website. A visit occurs when your web page are loaded in it's own browser window either as a result from a search engine click through from an expired domain name or as a pop-under from a web site related to the category you have purchased. A hit is not necessarily a unique visit. Technically, a hit occurs whenever a file is loaded... when you loaded this page, you generated quite a few hits - one for each image you loaded and one for the page itself. In common usage, people are referring to visits when they talk about hits. WE COUNT VISITS OR UNIQUE VISITS - NOT HITS.

Question: Why should I choose a campaign with

Some companies send very poor traffic (i.e. 100% non-English speaking, 12 hour unique, etc...). We only send real, high quality visitors to your website.

Question: How can I make my campaign more effective?

We suggest using a specially designed page that makes use of things such as big headlines, catchy phrases, bright colors, etc. Anything that may attract a user's attention.

Question: What if my server goes down in the middle of my campaign?

We cannot be held liable for things of this nature. Please be sure that your server can handle the actual number of visits before purchasing.

Question: When will my campaign start?

Your campaign will go live within 24 hours.

Question: How long will it take my campaign to end?

Most campaigns will wrap up in 10 to 15 days, however, larger orders may take up to 30.

Question: Do you use spam to generate visitors?

No! Definitely not! And we never will!

Question: Will Pop-up killers close my campaign page?

Yes and no. We run tests concurrently where we measure the click through rate on different forms for campaigns. It is our estimate that less than 4% of the surfers use Pop-up killers actively. While other suppliers don't even mention this fact we belive that you should know that you will eventually loose some of the visitors we send. This kind of advertising is just like commercials on the television and ads in the newspaper. While we can assume the number of viewers and number of papers in circulation it is hard to say if some people went to get a snack while the commercial was presented or some people turned to the next channel while they where supposed to view the ad that wad being displayed. It boils down to conversion rate. How many click throughs, sigups or sales do you receive when running this kind of advertising. We know that a well designed and prepared ad with a bold and colorful message achieve high ROI (Return of Investment).

Question: I used my own server log files and I only received 90%?

This is what most large advertising networks accept as the standard. Due to the nature of the Internet it is impossible not to loose traffic. Most of the customer campaigns sent from our ad server receive above 98% of the visitors sent. The last portion is lost due to congestion on the Internet, slow servers, limited bandwidth, 404 error on the receiving server, etc. While other companies will tell you that you always receive 100% the fact remains that no traffic supplier can tell how much traffic will be lost between the ad server and the server where your campaign page are stored.

Question: Does you server have the capacity to handle my campaign?

Answer: has one of the most powerful Internet connections possible to avoid lost traffic on the part of the Internet where we control the hardware and software. We are utilizing top trimmed dedicated servers and are using 5 backbone providers through a BGP4 gateway protocol with the following capacity; AT&T with OC-12, Qwest with OC-12, Sprint with OC-12, Time Warner with DS-3 and UUNET with OC-12. There is simply no other data center in the US we are aware of with faster connection and more redundancy.

If you have any questions not answered above, please feel free to ask anytime. We will answer all inquiries as soon as we can and as honest as we can.

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